Entrepreneur and Content Creator.

24 years old. I studied kitchen in high school and graphic design at university. I have been developing projects for about 10+ years. I have developed 600+ projects in total.

I started with making games in primary school. I switched to web software in high school and realized that I wanted to be an entrepreneur in college.

I've been making videos on YouTube for 8 years. I am a web developer. I know PHP, MySQL, CSS, HTML, some JS. I have around 7853 students on Udemy and 3908 subscribers on YouTube.

I am open to learning. I like to think positively and solution-oriented. :)

"I shoot videos about popular software topics" on my YouTube channel. Web, artificial intelligence, nocode, web 3.0, blockchain, space technologies.

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  1. 🆕 TikTok @ BuyCryptoCurrency
  2. Short Startup News
  3. FilmLink (Android App)
  4. PHP Simple Login System
  5. 200 Ebook Cover Design
  6. Notion Landing Page Template (167 Upvote)